Creating an article

Creating a new pageEdit

  • you need an account for that
  • first go to the page that your new page will be linked to, and edit it
  • insert there the name of the new page, and mark as an 'Internal link' using the toolbar
  • click on the new link (red letters) to edit the new page that was just created

Composing a new page, or changing an existing pageEdit

  • you need an account for that
  • just type your text into the edit window and use the toolbar for formatting. It's simple - just look at source code of existing pages, or see
  • Hint: OpenOffice (since 2.3) has a MediaWiki export filter, so you can use OO Writer for formatting and then export that.

generating a box of source code (e.g. to show a script or input file for a program)Edit

Simply introduce a blank at the start of a line. To avoid interruptions of the box, empty lines must start with a blank as well. Example:

shelxc pulg<<eof
INFL  D22-ip.hkl
HREM  D22-rh.hkl
CELL 85.71 85.71 145.34  90 90 120
SPAG P6522 

mathematical formulasEdit

... are typeset with LaTeX: [math]\displaystyle{ 2 = \left( \frac{\left(3+y-x\right) \times 2}{3-x} \right) }[/math]

[math]\displaystyle{ F_{hkl} = \sum_{i=1}^{N} e^{-2\pi\imath\left( h\frac{x}{a}+k\frac{y}{b}+l\frac{z}{c}\right)} }[/math]


... can be uploaded and linked to, according to .

Further (authoritative) readingEdit

Please consult Editing and Text formatting.

See also the MediaWiki FAQ at