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For a list of synchrotrons please see Synchrotron beamlines

The following beamlines offer mail-in service: (compiled from the CCP4 BB July 2008)

1. The ALS BCSB beamlines have a mail-in type program name collaborative crystallography on beamlines 5.0.2 (MAD) and 5.0.1 (Se-SAD/ Fixed Wavelength). Remote access is currently available on the sector 5 stations (5.0.1 5.0.2 and 5.0.3) for PRT members only.

2. Beamline 3BM1 at the Australian Synchrotron has full remote access available for users. We use the same Blu-Ice gui as SSRL and use the SAM robot. When 3ID is available for general user program (2009) it will also have full remote access capabilities.

3. BNL / NSLS Mail-in program, where three scientists spend about one full-time equivalent of effort, employing about one full-time beamline among the six PXRR beamlines. Access to Beam Time Mail-in Program

4. The canadian light source has at least mail in protein crystallography.

5. MacCHESS does "mail-in" collection on all PX beamlines.

6. All the ESRF MX/PX beamlines (ID14-1, ID14-2, ID14-4, ID23-1, ID29), and the CRG beam-line BM14, have remote access. For industrial users there is also the MXpress mail in service:

7. SEC-CAT 22-ID and 22-BM at APS will do both mail-in and remote

8. SPring8 in Japan has a mail-in system.

9. SSRL all PX beamlines have remote capability.

10. CAMD's PX beamline has a mail-in program for both consortium members and outside users.

A useful link from PDB containing synchrotron info: