Transmediterranean History

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“Transmediterranean History” is a commented anthology of primary sources that aims at facilitating access to transmediterranean themes and their documentation for researchers, teachers and amateurs. The database uses Media-Wiki software to provide access to epochally grouped and chronologically ordered excerpts of primary sources in their original language and in translation. These excerpts are equipped with a commentary, which furnishes details on the author and his/her work as well as the contents and context of the respective passage, and then analyses and interprets the excerpts within a wider thematical framework. A list of the excerpt’s available editions and translations, a bibliography containing the cited literature and recommended readings as well as a list of keywords complement the commentary. “Transmediterranean History” is searchable and will hopefully soon offer the possibilty of creating a reader catering to the users’ individual needs with the help of the Book Creator.

Before the Arabic-Islamic Expansion (until c. 636)

575: A Hispano-Roman Visitor from the Visigoth Kingdom Observes Arab-Byzantine Relations
600: Pope Gregory the Great Intervenes in Favour of the Exiled Ǧafnid Prince al-Munḏir b. al-Ḥāriṯ
621: Isidore of Seville on the Origins of the Term “Saracens”

Arabic-Islamic Expansion (c. 7th-9th cent.)

812: An Instruction from Charlemagne Concerning Immigrant Hispani

New Neighbours (c. 9th-11th cent.)

848: Decision to Expel the Muslims from the Langobard Duchies
973: Ibn Ḥawqal on Christian-Muslim Marriages in Sicily
984: Some Letters by Gerbert d’Aurillac Dealing with “Arabic” Mathematics and Astrology
1009: Adémar of Chabannes on the Destruction of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
1014–1043: Ibn ʿAbd al-Barr on Christian Love for ʿAlī

Latin-Christian Expansion (c. 11th-13th cent.)

1091: A Charter of Roger I for the Reorganisation of Sicily
1250: A Letter from the Regional Ruler al-Azraq to the Queen of Aragon

Negotiating Religious Boundaries (c. 13th-17th cent.)

Miscellanous Material (restricted access)

Implicit Communication