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The ADXV program can be downloaded from . The manual is at .

What if the Image Window doesn't refresh correctly under x2go ? X2go is based on an old version of the NoMachine NX libraries. These had a bug which must be worked around.

You may have try adding an option to /etc/x2go/x2goagent.options ; earlier versions of the NX software required the following addition to /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg :

AgentExtraOptions="-defer 0"

Finally, try using "adxv -nopixmap"

Please also check out

Visualizing XDS data reduction

ADXV can read spot files (whose name ends with .adx) and display them together with the frames.

These spot files can be written by generate_adx. In adxv's file selection window, it is useful to change the filename pattern from e.g. "*.cbf" to just "*" which then gives you the possibility to load frames and spot files at will.

If using ADXV on a NoMachine (NX) desktop, it is useful to know that one needs the -nopixmap commandline option if the frame is not correctly displayed (I found that the zoom window still does not display correctly).