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The University of Konstanz is a corporation under public law. It is legally represented by its rector, Professor Dr. Katharina Holzinger, and can be reached by contacting:

Julia Wandt, Director of Communications and Marketing, Press Officer,, Phone: +49 7531 88 -0

The responsibility for the contents of this wiki is with the authors of the individual articles. In particular, authors are responsible for not infringing any copyrights, and not compromising the privacy of other people.

If any privacy or copyright violations are noted, they should be brought to the attention of the administrator of this wiki:

Dr. Karsten Schäfer
karsten.schaefer at
Phone: +49 7531 882900


Prof. Dr. Kay Diederichs
kay.diederichs at
Phone: +49 7531 884049

can be contacted.

External links

The University of Konstanz as content provider is responsible for its own content in accordance with general legislation. A distinction is to be made between own content and links to other pages from other providers (external links). Information contained there is not provided by the University of Konstanz and does not reflect the opinion of the University of Konstanz, but is merely listed as information. The University of Konstanz does not regard these contents as its own.

Copyright note

The content published on this wiki (texts, pictures, graphics, etc.) is free and copyrighted based on the GPL.