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A question regarding this data set

The raw data mentioned consists of three sweeps with identical exposure times (if the image headers are to be believed) and distances. Do these belong to three crystals or three sweeps from a single crystal? May also be nice to copy the statistics mentioned in the paper for reference and give the refined beam position - which I get as 111.16 113.14 in the Mosflm reference frame.

--Kay 19:17, 30 October 2008 (CET) : I added XDS.INP and a link to the statistics table to the article. That table only refers to ms424_2 (i.e. the data were not merged). The 3 datasets are indeed all from the same crystal; ms424_3 with 1.6% transmission, and ms424_2 and ms424_5 with 47% transmission. One should be able to find with the "stat" command the exact date and time when each frame was taken, because we always take care that timestamps are preserved. The memory of one of the experimenters claims that the crystal was translated for ms242_5 .