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ARP/wARP is a software suite for automated model building in X-ray crystallography. The ARP/wARP main page has download instructions, a FAQ, and the User Guide. ARP/wARP is freely available to everybody; its free of charge to academics doing non-for-profit research.

ARP/wARP tricks and tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you have multiple copies of a molecule in the AU, never duplicate them in the sequence file! Always put one copy of each sequence at the sequence file and define the multiplicity at the appropriate field.
  • ARP/wARP 7.0.1 stops with an error complaining about the sequence file, even when you are in the mode 'Improvement of maps by atoms update and refinement' where no sequence file is actually needed. To fix this, first go back to an autobuilding mode, and switch the sequence off by clicking "Dock the autotraced chains ....", the first option in the "ARP/wARP flow parameters" panel. Then go back to the map improvement panel and run your job.