Examples of diffraction patterns showing particular features

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212488 rescale.jpg 212490 rescale.jpg

According to Takanori Nakane's posting, this pattern arises from disorder caused by "frustrated overconstraint".

You can find similar pattern in Welberry, T. R., et al. "Diffuse scattering resulting from macromolecular frustration." Acta Crystallographica Section B 67.6 (2011): 516-524.

The following review is also interesting, showing that similar physics exists in many different fields: Keen, David A., and Andrew L. Goodwin. "The crystallography of correlated disorder." Nature 521.7552 (2015): 303-309.

DIALS' dials.rs_mapper program can reconstruct 3D reciprocal space from diffraction images, volume rendering of which is very illustrative.