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X-ray Detector Software for processing single-crystal monochromatic diffraction data recorded by the rotation method. For a description of the package, including references, visit xds_doc. Additional information can be found in XDSwiki. For processing monochromatic diffraction data (including stills) from randomly oriented single-crystals see separate package nxds.

XDS can process data images from CCD-, imaging-plate-, multiwire-, and pixel-detectors in a variety of formats as well as from multi-segment detectors assembled from several rectangular components in arbitrary arrangement (see Supported detectors). Detector specific Input file templates greatly simplify the use of XDS; they are provided as part of the documentation.

XDS runs under Unix or Linux on a single server or automatically splits its task for concurrent execution by several remote hosts in a networked (NFS) environment where each host may comprise a shared memory multiprocessor system.

XDS is free of charge for non-commercial applications and available here for downloading. Note, that the executables of the package will expire on Aug 31, 2024. The availability of new versions or updates of the package is indicated by date changes in the last line of this url (page last updated:). This can be monitored by using 'urlwatch'.

For industrial usage of XDS a license is required (e-mail enquiry : Wolfgang.Kabsch@mpimf-heidelberg.mpg.de).

XDS-Viewer is an open source program for looking at rotation data images and control images generated during data processing by XDS ( download XDS-Viewer).

XDSGUI is a graphical interface for using XDS that is documented at, and is linked to http://strucbio.biologie.uni-konstanz.de/xdswiki/index.php/XDSGUI .

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